Borgo della Rocca is an ideal venue for hosting classical, modern or jazz music. The character of this magical place, which is more akin to the estates typically found in Tuscany, provides an impressive backdrop for the staging of operas and concerts. The silence and seclusion at Borgo della Rocca provide serenity and inspiration for musicians, helping achieve maximum focus in masterclass and performance. Hosting your musical event in the refined and elegant setting of this country estate will be a thrilling experience for both yourself and your audience.


Cristina Pharo has performed professionally across many parts of Europe and is available to sing at your wedding ceremony (religious or civil) to bring that extra bit of sparkle to your special celebrations.
Cristina has recently performed in the Marriage of Figaro for ‘Dulwich Opera Company’ in London and was cast as the key character in Katya Kabanova perfomed at the Brompton Oratory (London). Cristina studies with internationally renowned professionals such as Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet, Theresa Goble, Marinella Pennicchi and Morag McLaren. Cristina also has a long experience supporting, organizing and singing in charity concerts.


The serenity and the peace at Borgo della Rocca makes it a unique venue where you can work without distraction.

The beauty of the nature and of the surrounding countryside, the splendid and breathtaking views, all are elements of inspiration in themselves.